Emergency Plan

This page will provide instructions for Emergency Planning
Below you will find simple instructions and information to help you.


Plan for Emergency Relocation

Here are four scenarios to plan for.

  • Grid Down; No Electricity and no Communications.
  • Checkpoints for Vaccinations or Passports.
  • Door to Door Military Vaccinations.
  • Neighborhood Vandalism 
  • Economic collapse

Bug Out Bag

Prepare a Backpack or Bag for Emergency Relocation, in case you need to walk to your destination.

Important Contents for Survival

  • First Aid Kit and tourniquet.
  • Knife, Hand Saw, and or Hand held axe for cutting/choping wood
  • Matches, candles or ferry rod to light a fire
  • Gloves 
  • Rain jacket
  • Canned food or beef jerky for 2-3 days
  • Canteen or Thermos for water
  • water filtration kit
  • Back up solar kit to re-charge your phone.
  • Wool blanket
  • Pliers or small hand bolt cutters.
  • Flash Light
  • Paracord for fishing and or any need to tie anything.
  • Head lamp
  • Whistle
  • Duct Tape
  • Compass

Vehicle Preperation

Prepare your Vehicle for Emergency Evacuation

Important Contents for Survival

  • Extra gasoline to get you to your destination, when there is no electricity there is no gas station.
  • Weapon such as guns, sling shot or rocks to defend yourself.
  • Shovel to get yourself out of a ditch or icy snowy road if you get stuck.
  • Extra Food and Water in case you get stuck in your vehicle.
  • Solar panel and a jackery or battery to collect electricity.
  • ¬†Matches, lighter, and or candles to help keep you warm in the cold.
  • Paper map, in case you cannot access your phone map.
  • Blankets, extra clothing to stay warm.
  • Tent or tarp.
  • Flash Light or Lantern
  • Running shoes for long distance walking.
  • Duct tape