This page will provide information about STRATEGY.

Below, you will find simple instructions, information and advanced links to help you.

Build Your Team out of the Triangle Method

A Triangle is the strongest shape with the least amount of points/people


  • Network with at least 2 other people to build your TRIANGLE support system.
  • For every ONE person, there should be at least TWO others in their network.
  • This triangle of people/friends/family will be your support system.
  • This triangle method should consist of people that live within 5-30 minutes to each other.
  • This support system is meant to provide safety and security to each other.
  • If/when someone is in danger, there will be 2 other people to call for HELP.
  • This support system gives you 2 more chances of life.
  • This method will build upon a basic 3 person triangular foundation that can expand into 6, 9, 12 or more people.

Expand Your Team into Circle the Method

A Circle is the strongest shape with the most points/people


  • Build upon your triangle support system and turn it into a CIRCLE support system.
  • Now that you have at least 3 people you can count on, you can add more people.
  • The main criteria for adding more people to your network will be location that is 5-30min away.
  • If you draw a straight line and add 3 point on it. First point at the beginning, second point in the center and third point on the end. The first and third point should be no more than 30 minutes away.
  • If you add a fourth person to your network, they should be somewhere close enough to at least help the first, second or third person within 30 min.
  • That fourth person should have at least two other people to help him/her within 5-30min
  • This system begins to branch out far and wide.
  • Always make sure that everyone in your network has at least 2 other people who can get to them with 5-30min.

Support & Communicate with Your Team

Communicate with your team regularly and be active.


  • Call your team each week.
  • Meet with your team each weekend or every other weekend.
  • Keep each other updated on a regular basis of your safety and well-being.
  • Call, text, email or any other way without giving too much information about your network of friends.
  • Always remember that any communication over phone or computer is shared and never private.